The Valley

Traking in the San Pellegrino Pass - Fassa Valley

The wide alpine pass situated in the Avisio-Adige basin (S. Pellegrino Torrent) where it meets the Cordèvole-Piave (Biois Torrent ) is crossed by the main road which links the Fiemme and Fassa Valleys to the Agordo Canal.

Il Lago ed i sentieri

The northen part is characterized by the vast Campagnazza grassland which extends up to the Crode del Costabella (subgroup of the Marmolada mountain chain) ascending the Campagnazza through Passo delle Stelle (2528 m ) between Punta Stelle and the Lastei. Passing close to the glacial Stelle little lake situated at the Pala della Carpella's feet you'll descend to the Taramelli's shelter (2040 m ) at the head of the Monzoi's Valley.